Amin Sayani's radio show Binaka Geetmala had such a blast.

New Delhi:

Ameen Sayani Binaca Geetmala:

Ameen Sayani died on Wednesday at the age of 91. He was such a radio personality who had become a household name with his voice alone. Amin Sayani was in the news for a long time for his popular radio show Binaka Geetmala. The magic of his voice worked on the radio at a time when radio shows were being broadcast in India. Amin Sayani's show Binaka Geetmala was so popular among the listeners that people used to wait for it for several weeks. After some time, this radio show became known for the voice of Amin Sayani. 

The first program of Binaka Geetmala started in the year 1952. In this show, songs from films of that time like Udan Khatola, Mahal and Naagin used to be played. These films were famous for their music. In such a situation, the voice of Amin Sayani used to add charm to the Binaka Geetmala. This was the reason why there used to be silence on the streets to listen to this radio show and people used to stay glued to the radio. This was the magic of Amin Sayani on radio. 

Let us tell you that the famous radio presenter Amin Sayani, who left a different impression among the people with his voice, is no more in this world. He was called the Grand Old Man of Indian Radio. Amin Sayani was 91 years old. He breathed his last at HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai. This information has been given by Rajil Sayani, son of Amin Sayani. According to his son, Amin Sayani died of a heart attack on Wednesday. Many film stars have expressed grief over the demise of veteran presenter Amin Sayani. Also shared the memories related to him.