LEADERS of professional associations in the country have been given methods to increase conference tourism, which is part of the diplomatic economy that promotes productivity in various fields.

This was said by Ambassador Mindi Kasiga today in Dar es Salaam at the opening of the training organized by the conference halls of AICC and JNICC given under special trainers from the African Institute of Executive Association (AfSAE).

Ambassador Kasiga has said that the leaders through their parties are being taught how to get bids, so that various meetings from outside the country and even in the region can come to Tanzania to bring productivity to the country's economy.

"This training is the second to be given to these leaders for institutions and non-governmental organizations involved in various international, regional and global activities," he said.

He said that the leaders are being taught how to meet community members in different countries around the world, participating in joint meetings, to bring common understanding and enthusiasm in what is being discussed in their institutions.

"By receiving the training on the issues of conference tourism through the international and regional organizations, it will be able to bring and attract investment and even various businesses in the country, to make Tanzania known internationally and the right place to hold the meetings," said Ambassador Mindi and added to give an example last year Tanzania hosted the world conference of agriculture and even tourism, which was able to increase investment and business in the country.

He said that through the training, it is a continuation of conference tourism, but it is economic diplomacy implemented through conference diplomacy to attract tourism, investment and even business.

For his part, the Chairman of AfSAE, Jeffers Miruka said that the training is not only preparing Tanzanians but also in the countries of Rwanda, Uganda and even Kenya with the aim of ensuring that the leaders are organized to know what to do to ensure that various world meetings come to the country.

He said it is important for the leaders to know how to compete in various tenders, in order to enable regional or international meetings to be held in the country in order to increase the tourism of the meetings.