If a person passes all the preventive examinations they are required to have in the year in which they turn 46, they can receive a financial bonus. This was stated by Associate Professor Anton Tonev, who is an advisor to the Minister of Health and a specialist surgeon-oncologist.

The idea is being considered to encourage prevention. "I say 46 years because usually after the age of 45 most preventive examinations are appointed. And at the moment when we have done this mandatory prevention, then the bonus should be financial", notes the doctor.

It is being considered that this could either be a fixed amount that we would receive at the end of the year before Christmas, or that it would be part of our monthly health contribution that would be paid back to us a year later. This is BGN 100-200. At the moment, GPs do not have access to the preventive examinations that patients have under voluntary or supplementary health insurance. We are working to make the two systems "talk to each other", Assoc. Tonev explained to the BNR.

Easier access to MRI scans

The idea is being discussed that once a person has gone through their GP's office and their overall risk has been assessed, with their permission we could get automatic referrals for certain screenings. The doctor will receive their results.

The condition for this automatic referral is that we have installed the module for our patient record on our phone and that the GP has judged that our general status is low risk. "The final decision lies with our GPs, and the most important thing is to understand that these are only cases without any complaints." When we have symptoms and complaints, there is no way to act with automated algorithms," Assoc. Tonev also notes.

It is possible that from the middle of the year our electronic health record will start sending reminder messages for a visit to the Jeep. We will require an electronic signature for the initial installation of this module, but alternative systems are currently being developed by Information Services to make all these electronic applications easier to use. 

The benefit of this electronic application will be to first receive timely information on what we can use in our particular calendar year as a patient.

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