The program said in a statement that last Sunday, trucks carrying food for distribution to refugees at the Wadi Gaza checkpoint were surrounded by crowds of hungry people who tried to loot the cargo. They started shooting. On Monday, another convoy of trucks carrying food to the north of the sector was stopped and looted. One of the drivers was beaten. Even where employees manage to distribute food, clashes occur among those who want it, the statement says. The conditions of distribution of food aid in Gaza are described as "complete chaos and collapse of public order".

The UN World Food Program has decided to temporarily suspend the delivery of food aid to the sector, as it cannot guarantee the safety of its employees or those who come to receive free food. The department promised that they will look for ways to restore supplies as soon as possible in a safer way. For this, according to the World Food Program of the United Nations, it is necessary to increase the volume of food aid several times, to open additional checkpoints at the borders of the sector, to stabilize communication and security in the region.

The UN World Food Program provides humanitarian assistance to approximately 1.4 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Help includes both money and direct distribution of free products.

After the start of the Israeli military operation against the radical Hamas group, recognized as a terrorist group in the USA and the EU, the need for humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip has grown significantly, and the opportunities to deliver it have narrowed. According to The Guardian, aid to the Gaza Strip has fallen by 80% since the start of Israel's war against Hamas. International agencies have repeatedly warned that the Gaza Strip is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, there is a direct threat of famine and epidemics.

Israel launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip in response to the Hamas attack on southern Israel on October 7 last year. At that time, more than 1,200 people died at the hands of jihadists, more than 250 were taken hostage and taken to the Gaza Strip.