The post contained allegations of cooperation with Russian special services, traditional for a politician. Zyanon Pazniak also writes about the "cook-2" project, believably comparing Yulia Navalnya with the leader of the Demsils, Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya, who continued the case of her imprisoned husband.


this is really the "Kukharka-2" project, and if it is pushed through liberal Europe, then it will be possible to congratulate all sorts of masters of the Kasparovs and other "good Russians" abroad with the acquisition. What they regretted, what they dreamed of, they got. Maybe even that will be revealed - why they suddenly destroyed Navalny's agent. In a word, we continue to watch for the accumulation of evil

," says the post with the signature of ZP in the profile, known as the private profile of Zyanon Pazniak on Facebook.

Svoboda collected the reactions of gender experts to the sharp post.

"This tone is no better than Lukashenka's"

Philosopher, gender expert

Olga Shparaga


"In general, I really don't want to comment on this statement - its tone is offensive. He is abusive in relation to Navalny and in relation to his wife, as well as in relation to Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya and, thus, the entire pro-democratic Belarusian community. I will explain why. First of all, this tone is no better than the tone of Lukashenka, who insults the citizens of Belarus (and not only them) in a paternalistic and sexist manner. However, the second thing that stands out is that Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya identifies with liberal Europe, which Pazniak, together with Tsikhanovskaya, denies. What does that mean? That he is illiberal, i.e. right conservative political position. Some theorists of right-wing populism consider it undemocratic in general. So, with his statement, Pozniak offers us another type of authoritarianism. As the saying goes, no thanks are needed."

"A woman cannot be in politics? Then what kind of democracy is Mr. Zenon talking about?"

Human rights defender, grassroots activist, co-organizer of the marathon "We don't care!"

Nasta Bazar


"If a person is so against the empire and long-standing dysfunctional relations between people, how can you insult a person by pointing to gender? From Mr. Zenon, it has long been common to hear that there are all enemies around, but if the focus is on the fact that the "enemy" is not just an "enemy", but a woman, and calling her a "cook", then for me it shows contempt for women. A woman cannot be in politics? Then what kind of democracy is Mr. Zenon talking about?"

"Nasty, ugly record. It contains total devaluation, misogyny and direct insults to a person who did not provoke them."

Gender researcher, Doctor of Science

Iryna Sidorskaya:

"Nasty, ugly record. It contains total devaluation, misogyny and direct insults to a person who did nothing to provoke them. It is a pity that a person who claims leadership, including leadership in the field of public opinion, allows himself such unacceptable statements. I don't think he has any political prospects in today's world."

And here's what journalist

Anna Lyubakova

posted on her social networks :

"Where does the politician get this irresistible desire to humiliate a woman by calling her a cook? What is wrong with them? In case someone wants to write this about me, here's my official comment: I don't like to cook, that's why I'm such a cook. Take notes."

Zenon Pazniak is a consistent opponent of feminism, which he spoke about back in 2017.

Here are some quotes from a recent interview of Zyanon Pazniak on the Belarusian Partizan website. When asked about the fact that the Belarusian Women's League led by Nina Stuzhynska is creating the Belarusian Women's Party, Zyanon Pazniak says: "

Women don't need to do this. This is absolute marginalism, which will lead to feminism and gender hatred in the West." According to him, there is no concept of gender in politics, as in war. "Let's remember at least Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel. If a woman has the ability, she will make it, gender is not important here. In the West, feminists are considered because politicians need their votes. But this is an absolutely marginal phenomenon, which ultimately leads to sexual hatred in various forms, including aggressive ones. It leads to a change in values: the main thing is not family and motherhood, but sex. Women's parties usually gather offended, embittered women. And politics is a serious thing."