Tragedy - a 2-year-old girl died after an examination and manipulations at the Veliko Tarnovo hospital and her parents' refusal to admit her to hospital. The district attorney's office is investigating the case, with the most likely cause being choking on food.

On Monday, a 2-year-old child with symptoms of a gastrointestinal viral infection was admitted to the Emergency Department in Veliko Tarnovo, accompanied by his father and grandmother. He was sent to the children's ward of the regional hospital.

"We go upstairs, Dr. Tochkov gave the little one an injection, she got better, asked me if I would stay, but I told him: "No", the child's grandmother - Stefka Panayotova told Bulgaria ON AIR.

They are investigating the death of a 2-year-old child who died in the hospital in Veliko Tarnovo

"The child came home, she was playful, there was nothing. We gave her puree, she said to her grandmother: "Um, umm", we felt sorry for her the first time, we didn't want to give it to her, but then we gave it to her", commented the mother of the girl - Danka Angelova .

Two hours later, however, the child's condition worsened and his relatives returned to the children's ward. There, a team of specialists fought for his life for nearly five hours.

The hospital in Veliko Tarnovo specified in a special position that the child was intubated, and the doctors aspirated stomach contents from his airways.

"They took the child, put him in the intensive care unit, until the end there was a pulse. After 02:30, what did they do and mix in the child's mouth, with what hoses, at 04:05 the doctors came out, took off their gloves and said: "He died " added the grandmother.

This is the first child of the family.

The hospital alerted the District Prosecutor's Office about the case, where pre-trial proceedings have been initiated for causing death due to carelessness as a result of negligent performance of a legally regulated activity.

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