Pet lizard becomes enemy of its own owner's life.

Often people are fond of keeping animals at home. Most people keep dogs, some people keep rabbits or cats, but sometimes there are some pets whose keeping is like playing with danger. Something similar happened with a person in America, who had kept a poisonous animal in the form of a lizard in his house and then one day the same pet lizard became the enemy of its owner's life. A person died after being bitten by a pet lizard, the Gila monster.

According to the BBC, the 34-year-old man from Colorado had two pet lizards, which are found in the southwestern United States. Their bites are generally not fatal to humans. The outlet further said that the lizard that bit the man on Monday, February 12, was approximately 12 inches long. The Jefferson County victim was taken to the hospital and died last Friday.

Man used to keep lizards illegally

Gila monsters are poisonous lizards, whose length can be up to 54 centimeters. They are slow moving reptiles. Let us tell you that this lizard has been named after the Gila River of America. According to the BBC, it is illegal to keep a Gila monster lizard as a pet in Colorado without a license. The man also had tarantulas, which are also not legal to keep.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife criminal investigators told CBS News that they have been asked to remove two Gila monsters from a home. The lizard which has bitten the man will be taken to the lab. There its poison will be extracted and studied, so that it can be known why its owner died due to its bite.

Let us tell you that the last person who died due to the bite of Gila Monster was recorded in 1930. Medical toxicologist and reptile expert Dr. Nick Brandhoff told CBS News Colorado that their bites cause swelling and bleeding.