Canadian transgender YouTube star, socialite, actress and model - 

Gigi Gorgeos

- attended the People's Choice Awards ceremony in Santa Monica.

She showed a provocative image on the red carpet. She was wearing an unfortunate black mini dress that did not suit her figure at all. The dress had large cutouts, through which she showed the audience the lower part of her bare breasts.

Gigi Gorgeos / Photo: Getty Images

Gigi's outfit was complemented by black lacquered stripes. She put her hair in a high ponytail, made up with long eyelashes and decorated her ears with diamond earrings. And Gorgeos stuck on false nails and one of them fell off, which was impossible not to notice.  

It will be recalled that once Gigi Gorgeos got into the eyes of the paparazzi on the streets of Los Angeles. She had a beautiful appearance. She wore a black figure-hugging dress with cutouts at the waist and cleavage that made her slimmer.