Prevention is education and a way of thinking. Prevention is also state policy. Prevention is to do sports, not to smoke, not to drink, to eat fruits and vegetables. This is prevention. 

This was stated by the cardiologist Prof. Borislav Georgiev from the National Cardiology Hospital in Sofia in the program "The Day Live" on NOVA NEWS.

"In Bulgaria, we managed to fight the products to write how much salt is in 100 grams of the product. Unfortunately, this information is rarely read. An adult should consume 5.4 grams of table salt per day. The consumption of canned foods should be strongly limited foods. In Bulgaria we consume 12 grams of salt per day, which is twice as much as needed. How can there not be an increase in strokes and heart attacks. There is salt everywhere, there is salt in every product, there is salt in mineral water. It is easiest to remove the salt shaker from the table, and the one who cooks at home should not salt the food. The most salt is in canned foods, dried meats and salami. I will repeat again - we can remove the salt shaker from the table. Bulgarians love salty and enjoy it, but we can replace it with chili pepper, for example. We can easily make our truši without salt," he gave an example.  

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"Sugar is also everywhere. This happened thanks to the fast food boom. There is sugar in every donut and burger. When parents buy sandwiches for their children, let them ask how many calories are in it. Bulgarians are in last place in terms of fruit consumption and vegetables. Everyone should eat 800 grams of fruits and vegetables a day. That's 4 apples and 5 carrots. It's not that complicated. The other scourges are alcohol and smoking," added Prof. Georgiev. 

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