Ukrainian media reported that the President of Russia Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin - Russian politician. Born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. Prez is in an intimate relationship with Ekaterina Mizulina. She is 39 years old and heads the Russian League for Safe Internet. Its main activity consists in monitoring those users in the virtual space who criticize the regime in the country or do not support the


special military operation in Ukraine."

Mizulina, of course, is not a random person. She is the daughter of a Russian governor, who in turn is a loyal supporter of Putin and an outspoken opponent of Ukraine.

Katya is absolutely to Putin's taste. She is the type of "Barbie" he always liked, Olga Romanova, a Russian human rights activist, explained to Ukrainian Channel 24.

Spoused as Putin's mistress with her first public appearance

Born in the city of Yaroslavl, Mizulina graduated from the University of London in 2004, where she majored in Middle Eastern and African Studies. She specialized in art history and speaks Indonesian.

More than once she was present as a translator in Russian official delegations that visited China.

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