Investigations and information gathering resulted in identifying the perpetrators of the incident, namely Ramadan Muhammad Belidi Ali (29 years old), a driver and resident of Al-Munira Al-Gharbiyya in Giza, who had previously been accused in many cases, most notably murder, using a weapon without a license, theft, and intentional damage, and Abdel-Rahman Ashraf Shehata Mustafa, known as Abdo Asalia (19). (years old) Kharrat and resident of the floors in Giza, Israa Saber Muhammad Attia, known as Dina (22 years old), a housewife and resident of Manshiyet Nasser in Cairo, and Suhair Abdel Halim Muhammad Abdel Halim, known as Menna (17 years old), a housewife and resident of Manshiyet Nasser in Cairo.

According to the Ministry, the defendants admitted to having committed the incident and acknowledged that two of them had known the victim and agreed to rob him with the help of others. They took advantage of the aforementioned hosting them at his home on the evening of Friday, February 16, and slipped sleeping pills for him into a drink in an attempt to sedate him and enable the others to enter his residence. They threatened him with a white weapon, but he resisted them, so they assaulted him, tied him up, and threw him to the ground, which led to his death. They seized sums of money in foreign and local currencies, some collectibles and personal belongings, in addition to a rented car that was located near his residence, and fled with it.

With their guidance, all the stolen items and the rented car were seized, as well as the knife used to commit the incident, a cartridge case, and a number of bullets that were in the possession of one of the accused.

The woman, Aya Reda Mahmoud (23 years old), a housewife and resident of the Auseem Center district in Giza, the daughter of the wife of the first defendant, who had previously been accused in a drug case, was also arrested for hiding part of the stolen items. Legal measures were taken, and the Public Prosecution took over the investigations.

Security sources told Sky News Arabia that Al-Obaidi arrived in Cairo 5 days ago from Turkey, and that his brother was the one who discovered his death after he tried to contact him on Saturday evening and he did not answer the call.

According to the sources, Al-Obaidi’s brother went to his home on Sunday morning on Al-Thalathiini Street, where he lived in an apartment on the twelfth floor of a 14-story building. He knocked on the door and there was no answer, which prompted him to call the police, and after opening the apartment, he found Al-Obaidi murdered.

After examining the body, it was revealed that there were injuries to the head and neck and a nosebleed, and the body was found tied up, according to what the sources reported.