Justin Timberlake cheated on Cameron Diaz with a "Playboy" bunny while the two were still in the beginning of their relationship, the erotic model revealed personally.

Zoe Gregory, who moved into Hugh Hefner's famous Los Angeles mansion in 2001, says she "bumped" with the Sexy Back singer in the property's famous cave after the pair had previously met from the iconic Playboy parties.

In an interview, the British model, now 49, said Timberlake initially pulled out all the stops, saying he was dating the Charlie's Angels star.

But when Gregory reminded him that his girlfriend was "not with you right now", he agreed to strip down to his shorts and jump into Hugh Hefner's indoor pool with her. 

"I didn't have sex with him, but we kissed and pushed each other

," the "bunny" also said.

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Gregory's revelations may prove embarrassing for the singer. Timberlake, 43, was known as a big womanizer before he married actress Jessica Biel and had two children.

Last year, the former NSYNC frontman became the subject of explosive allegations when his ex-partner Britney Spears revealed in her memoir that he encouraged her to have an abortion during their ill-fated relationship.

Zoe herself revealed some time ago that the bishy fiance of J. Lo - Alex Rodriguez, wrote her provocative text messages in which he asked her for naked photos. This happened shortly before he asked for the hand of the Latina.

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