A boxing match that took place in Las Vegas back in 1995 between Mike Tyson and Kevin McNeely caused a sensation among users on social networks.

The reason turned out to be a man in the audience who looked like he was recording moments of the August 19, 1995 fight on his smartphone.

What question would Bill Gates ask a time traveler from the year 2100?

According to many users, the object in question is by no means an old camera and looks very much like a phone from today's era. Experts also recall that the first iPhone of the company "Apple" was released on the market in 2007, i.e. 12 years after the boxing match in question.

Inside Edition YouTube host Les Trent urged everyone to calm down and that there was nothing supernatural about the photo. According to him, the mysterious object is not a phone of the latest generation, but an ordinary Dycam Logitech video camera, which was quite popular and used in its time.

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