Man ordered oranges from Zepto, a crawling insect came out of one.

A man claimed that he found an insect crawling inside one of the oranges he bought from Zepto. He recorded a video of it and posted it on X on 15 February. Following his post on X, Zepto apologized to X users and issued a refund.

The caption of his post reads, "I ordered oranges from Zepto and found a live worm in one of the oranges I received." He also shared a series of posts on X and said that he was unable to file a complaint on the Zepto app regarding the issue.

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I ordered oranges from @ZeptoNow and found a live warm in one of the oranges I received.

— Janardhan Chilmula (@JanardhanChill) February 15, 2024

He wrote, "I received a call from the social media admin of Zepto. He apologized for the issue and initiated a refund. He assured me that such incidents will not happen in future. He also mentioned that they will Will examine the store's safety measures to prevent problems. 

@aadit_palicha unable to complain on zepto..what kind of service are you providing no help from app.

— Janardhan Chilmula (@JanardhanChill) February 15, 2024

In his post, he also requested the concerned authorities to resolve such issues and thanked Zepto for the prompt response. Since the post appeared online, it has been viewed hundreds of times on Facebook. Social media users gave their reactions in the comment section of the post.

I request @fssaiindia to address such issues. If I hadn't noticed, I could have eaten them. I appreciate the swift response and action from @zeptocares and @ZeptoNow.

— Janardhan Chilmula (@JanardhanChill) February 15, 2024

Actually, Zepto had also reacted to that person's post.


This shouldn't have happened. Could you please DM us your registered contact details? Our team will look into this right away.

— Zepto Cares (@zeptocares) February 15, 2024

Many such cases have made headlines in the past week, where people have found live insects in their food items. In fact, two days ago an Indigo passenger had claimed that he found a screw in the sandwich served in the flight. On February 12, a man named Robin Zacchius from Hyderabad found an insect crawling in his Cadbury chocolate bar.