The circumstances of our lives are constantly changing, sometimes lifting us to the top of success, sometimes lowering us to a bad mood and, as we think, hopelessness. That's just whether we should despair, if we can become the darlings of fate at any moment! Which zodiac sign will be lucky today - February 13?

A day of confrontation between good and evil, in which, despite not the strongest tension, it will be impossible to maintain neutrality - you must side with one of the parties, and whether it will be light or dark - depends on each individual person. Astrologers are sure: in order to win victory over evil, you need to be in a good mood, using any positive reason for it.


Cancers will be able to restore a relationship with a loved one that has been broken recently. The main thing for them in such a situation is to dare to have a frank conversation, which will allow them to find out all the pros and cons, and at the same time to determine ways that can strengthen the positive and remove or at least mitigate the negative, then - so be it instantly, and gradually - everything will be fine.