The former Chief Executive Officer and Chief Innovator of the Army, Steve Jobs, used the so-called "short text" for interviewing candidates for the job at the technological giant.

When you're thinking about a job interview, you're probably feeling a lot of stress and anxiety. However, if you have had the privilege of being interviewed by Jobs about working in Arles, you will know that his way of working is "a little" different. As most people can tell, job interviews are very formal, so going through this process for such a large company is even more daunting. five.

Job realized this very well, that's why he wanted to make a change. Job wanted to "crush" the tendency of the candidates to have a rabbit hole of answers in their head while reading the script. 

That's why Job is trying to break away from the traditional job interview and keep it casual. The next time you meet a new colleague for the first time, you can ask yourself if you would "drink beer with this person". Or would you talk to him "in a normal way while you wait". 

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Well, in order to present it, Job obviously did exactly that. He took out the candidates on the job and on the job to see if they would be suitable for Arle. This property was known as the "bipen text". Bringing the potential customers out would help them feel a little better. The goal of the job was to sing all the songs that are usually found in the traditional job interview.

When Job sent the candidates for the job interview in the father, he asked them: "When was the last time you achieved something?" or more simply and convincingly: "What happened?" and last summer?".

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In the past, we've heard from many managers that they tend to hit the wrong and wrong answers when interviewing job candidates. However, this was obviously not the case with Job, as he was just trying to get to know a better person. Job's goal in interviewing candidates was to get the best of the best, the "A-players," which he once protected.

"Because when you're really A-players together, when you go through the incredible work of getting those A-players together, they actually like to work together." because no one has had the opportunity to do it until now," promises Job.

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