Oksana Khinevich

was detained on January 23 during a mass raid by security forces on people who could receive help through the INeeedHelpBy initiative. Aksana Khinevich soon moved to Vilnius to live with her son, but the Borisov court did not stop it.

The trial of Oksana Khinevich took place via video communication in the Viber messenger. "Viasna" reports that this is the first case of such an online process known to law enforcement officials. The woman was accused of receiving "foreign aid" from the INeedHelpBy initiative.


Svetlana Baranova

found her guilty under Article 24.15 of the Code of Administrative Offenses "Using foreign gratuitous aid for the implementation of terrorist and other extremist activities" and imposed a fine of 20 basic amounts (400 rubles) with a demand for compensation for "foreign" payments in E-delivery (2854 rubles and 45 pennies).

Oksana Khinevich did not admit her guilt. She confirmed that she received help for her son, a police prisoner, who was in prison at that time, but not from organizations, but from private individuals, her son's acquaintances, as well as from caring people.

After the announcement of the decision, the secretary of the court said that payment details would be sent to Oksana via Viber.

  • Anatoly Khinevich is a former political prisoner, programmer and bard from Borisov. In October 2020, he was detained under Article 363 of the Criminal Code "Resisting a police officer". He was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months of imprisonment in a general regime colony. He was released in February 2023. Now lives in Vilnius.

  • According to "Vyasna", as of February 12, at least 232 people, the absolute majority of whom are women, were harassed by security forces during the raid. Many of them are already free with a bond of non-exit and non-disclosure, but some are still behind bars in the framework of criminal cases. According to human rights defenders, at least 24 people have been prosecuted under Art. 361-1 (participation in extremist formation) and Art. 361-4 (facilitating extremist activities).