In the X social network, the former president of Mongolia showed a "historical map" of his country.

"After Putin's speech. I found a historical map of Mongolia," he wrote on the X social network.

And he added: "Don't worry, we are a peaceful and free nation," he added.

The tweet was read more than 2.5 million times.

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, the President of Russia, among other things, stated that it was the Poles who called the current modern Ukrainian lands Ukraine and began to "protect" them.

"So the Poles were oppressed in every way and, in principle, treated this part of the Russian lands quite harshly. All this led to the fact that this part of the Russian lands began to fight for its rights. And they wrote letters to Warsaw, demanding the fulfillment of their rights," added Putin.

At the same time, Putin offered Tucker Carlson to hand over relevant documents that confirm this story, but the journalist replied: "I don't think you're making anything up."