The tomb of Neferhotep on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor has been officially opened after more than two decades of restoration, Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Monuments announced. 

Among the titles of the high-ranking dignitary are Grand Scribe of Amun and Overseer of Amun's Flocks. His tomb dates to the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Ai between about 1327 and 1323 BC.

They read a document written by a Japanese warlord in the 16th century

The restoration began in 2000. An expedition from the University of Buenos Aires dealt with the documentation and study of the inscriptions and architectural elements, and German archaeologists carried out the cleaning and conservation. The project was financed by the Düsseldorf-based Gerda Henkel Foundation. 

The exquisite color images in the tomb were badly damaged in the early 19th century. To restore its original beauty, the German team developed a gentle laser cleaning method. In addition, archaeologists are strengthening unstable stone fragments and fallen plaster. 

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