As soon as the chocolate was opened, a crawling insect came out, do you know what Cadbury replied?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Worm:

Who does not like sweet food and when it comes to chocolate, it is natural for the mouth to water. From children to older people, people like to eat chocolate with great gusto, but watching a recent video of chocolate going viral, your mind will be disgusted. Perhaps some people may even abstain from eating chocolate. Actually, recently an insect was found crawling in the chocolate of the famous chocolate company Cadbury Dairy Milk, people are surprised to see its video.

Man finds worm in dairy milk chocolate after opening chocolate

This video going viral has been shared by a person from Hyderabad. It can be seen in the video that the person is holding chocolate in his hand. As soon as the packet is opened, an insect is seen crawling on the back side of the chocolate. It can be clearly seen in the video that a live worm is crawling in the chocolate. It is being told that the person had bought this chocolate from a metro station in the city itself. The person has shared this video from his X account, seeing which people were stunned.

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Found a worm crawling in Cadbury chocolate purchased at Ratnadeep Metro Ameerpet today..

Is there a quality check for these near to expiry products? Who is responsible for public health hazards?

— Robin Zaccheus (@RobinZaccheus) February 9, 2024

Worm found crawling in chocolate (Worm in Cadbury Chocolate)

This video has been shared on the social media platform X with an account named Robin Zaccheus @RobinZaccheus. While sharing the video, the caption has been written, 'An insect was found crawling in the Cadbury chocolate purchased from Ratnadeep Metro Ameerpet. Is there any quality check on these products? Who is responsible for public health threats?' He paid Rs 45 for this chocolate. 

Cadbury expressed regret (Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate worm viral video)

Tweeting on the viral post, the company wrote, 'Mondelez India Foods Private Limited (formerly Cadbury India Limited) strives to maintain the best quality standards and we are sorry to hear that you had to face this poor experience. Fell. Talk to us to resolve your concerns. Social media users are also giving different types of reactions to the post. On this reply of Cadbury, a user wrote, 'It seems that this person will be given a lot of high quality chocolates.' Another Yeager wrote, 'If this had happened in any western country, you would have got the jackpot, but in our country you will not even get a refund.' The third user wrote, "The fourth user wrote, 'I will never buy Cadbury chocolate for my nieces and nephews.' The fifth user wrote, 'Wow Cadbury's new flavor.'