The screenwriter and director of "Spirit of a place" is

Pavel Yaskevich

, the film starred

Oleg Garbuz, Yevgeniya Kulbachnaya, Siarhei Chub, Andrei Drobysh.

This is the first attempt to make a movie on their own, the "Kupalovits" themselves admit. The film was shot entirely on enthusiasm, the film crew had no funding, people helped "for the idea" - the make-up artist came specially from the Czech Republic, Paval Yaskevich shared.

The story of

Zmytro Dziadzenka

was found in the magazine "Minkult", which is published in Vilnius, says

Oleg Garbuz

. At first, they thought of making a regular movie, they were looking for some locations for filming.

“And then the idea came to do it… stupidly. Such an experiment. When they helped us with a cameraman, found a location, we decided: Why don't we try to make a film with tape and talent?" director Paval Yaskevich jokes.

Oleg Garbuz and Evgeniya Kulbachnaya

"Audiobook with illustrations on the theater stage"

This is a chamber tape, completely shot in the premises of the Warsaw bar Scena Chmielna. Although the short film has a duration of 18 minutes, there was a lot of work, Paval Yaskevich admitted.

"Ambient comedy" - this is how its creators defined the genre of the tape.

"Ambient is an environment, surroundings. This is a style of electronic music, ambient — it is characterized by an atmospheric, enveloping, unobtrusive sound. And I think we got such an unobtrusive movie. If comedy, how does it work? Everyone should have fun here and now. And ambient comedy is when you will be sad in a week, you will remember our film and a good smile will appear on your face.

We wanted to make such a collaboration between theater and cinema: an audiobook with illustrations on the theater stage," director and screenwriter

Paval Yaskevich

explained his ideas .

Director Paval Yaskevich

And Oleg Garbuz joked at the presentation of the tape: "An arrogant director and an enveloping film. I do not advise you to waste your time and nerves. Remember the movie, that's it..." — and interrupted the audience's applause.

On the set of the short film "Spirit of Place", which was presented in Warsaw

A mystical story about three graves of one hero

What is the movie about? The main character Sergei, whose role is performed by Oleg Garbuz, comes on a business trip to a Belarusian town, and there through monuments, graves and in person he encounters a man who has shown himself heroically at different times.

The story first began in the museum, where Sergei came on the weekend.

"The legendary Arik Fergas "headed the underground and managed it until the end of 1942. Underground workers were active on the railways, factories, and even in the city administration. But a Gestapo agent managed to get into their ranks and betrayed the patriots," the tour guide Galina, played by Evgeniya Kulbachnaya, tells with tears in her eyes.

She showed Serhiy and the monument on the square to Arik Fergas, who "died in 1942 at the hands of fascist invaders."

Andrey Drobysh as Fergas

The story of the second Arik Fergas, who "died at the hands of White Poles in 1920" was told to Sergei by a local "wrestler Timur, a photographer of a non-state newspaper" - this is how the tour guide from the museum introduced him. (the role of Timur is played by actor Siarhei Chub). He showed another grave of the red underground worker Arik Fergas, who "died at the hands of white Poles in 1920."

"But the communists couldn't help but lie," says Timur and tells how Guardsman Fergas was killed by his own Red Army soldiers. - It was politically incorrect to write how a communist died in a battle with the Red Army, that's why they wrote on the grave: "died at the hands of White Poles", - he explained the truth to Sergei.

The third Arik Fergas, whose grave Sergei found by chance in the same cemetery, "died at the hands of the royal gendarmes in 1905."

The local wrestler and photographer of the non-governmental newspaper Timur says that one could "forget" the beautiful urban legend about the "Spirit of the Place":

"The Spirit of the Place appears in a difficult time of trials, helps the citizens, and then disappears again..." Timur thinks philosophically.

On the set of the film

"My work, my characters can inspire other creators to improvise"

The author of the story "The Three Deaths of Arik Fergas" Zmytser Dziadenko wrote on his Facebook page:

"I had nothing to do with the creation of the tape: I did not write the script, did not participate in the casting, did not discuss any moment of the film with the director. I saw what happened together with other viewers. I confess to you: I am satisfied, like a baby elephant.

In terms of mood, it turned out to be a different work than what I wrote. According to some characters, it is different. And I - for-da-vo-le-ny!

That is, my work, my characters are able to inspire other creators to improvise based on my work. Is it bad?!" - this is how the author of the story, Zmytser Dziadenko, assessed the first film "Kupolavtsev".


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