A newly founded citizen initiative "Danaya for Life" organized a petition with six demands for immediate reforms in children's health care. This was announced by the organization.

Doctors, lawyers, writers, artists, journalists, economists, athletes, bloggers, directors, scientists, teachers, etc. participate in the civil initiative. Kremena Kuneva was elected as the chairman of the initiative committee. The National Citizens' Initiative was established in accordance with the Law on the Direct Participation of Citizens in State Power and Local Self-Government. 

The petition calls for a digital information system for all children's clinics in the country, which directs needy families in real time to the most suitable clinics and specialists, according to the place of residence and the condition of the child; a hotline with a single national number to report problems and support parents of child patients; introduction of good medical practice rules for all medical specialties; updating all medical protocols for work in emergency and urgent care; public access to protocols on hospital websites; introduction of a system for quality control of communication between and within hospitals and traceability of decisions and actions; mandatory continuing medical education for all medical specialties; restructuring of the Executive Agency "Medical Supervision" into an independent state body, reports BTA.

The signature of "Danaya for life" will be collected only on paper, and its full text will be published on the website and on the Facebook page of the "Danaya" foundation.

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The demands of the citizens' initiative will be submitted to the National Assembly, the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Health, which must respond with specific actions within three months or publicly justify their refusal to initiate reforms, "Danaya for Life" added.

The Danaya Foundation was created in memory of 15-year-old Danaya, who lost her battle for life in May 2023.

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