Indian girl was roaming in London metro posing as a bride

A video is going viral on social media in which a woman is roaming on the streets of London wearing a red wedding 'lehenga'. The reel was shared by Shraddha (shr9ddha), who is a Spanish-Indian model and has 1,68,000 followers on Instagram. In her bio she also describes herself as a digital marketer and viral media expert.

In the video, she first rides the London Tube, dressed like a bride in a red embroidered 'lehenga' with heavy jewellery. As soon as she enters the train, all eyes are on her, as they are mesmerized by her choice of clothes. Then she reaches her destination, walks on the streets and people keep looking at her with surprised eyes. Some were also seen taking pictures of him, while others kept looking at him in surprise.

The video was captioned, "Giving you all anxiety through the screen." The text in the video reads, "Reactions to desi tops and skirts in London." Shared on February 1. Since going up, the reel has garnered 2,746,899 likes and over 43 million views.

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The video received mixed reactions from internet users, some of whom praised her confidence, while others criticized her for her "attention-seeking behaviour". Some praised him for embracing his identity. One user said, "People in India will think you're a runaway bride." Another user commented, "So beautiful!" Yes to wearing wherever you like! A third said, " "Her confidence level." A fourth said, "Proud of Indian culture." A fifth said, "Elegant and beautiful."

“Shameful,” said a sixth. Who wears a wedding lehenga and goes on the streets or metro stations like this? In India people don't even do this. Attention-grabbing behavior in the name of “cultural appreciation” to get a few likes and followers.”