How many F's can you see in this picture?

Brain Teaser:

A brain teaser which is making a lot of headlines on the internet has left puzzle lovers confused.

There is a simple question: Count the number of F among E.

Do you think you are talented?

Test your skills and see if you can solve this brain teaser in 5 seconds or less.

The brain teaser was shared on the X handle @Art0fThinking.

The picture is full of alphabet E.

Between them, you have to find all the F's.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Your time starts now...

Watch Video:

— Art of Thinking (@Art0fThinking) January 16, 2024

The brain teaser was shared on X on January 16.

It has since been viewed over 1 lakh times, and the numbers are still rising.

Some people have also shared their answers in the comment section.

"Not as good as my high school report card," one joked.

Another said, "Including a blue 'F' in parentheses, 11."

Most people said, "The correct answer is 10." The fourth said, "I found 10 F's in that picture." How many F's did you see in this brain teaser? Tell us by commenting.