Women pulled each other's hair fiercely, punched a lot

The Delhi Metro is once again in the news among the people, which has led to the question of whether Delhi Metro has become a modern fish market. The latest incident that promotes this perception includes a viral video showing a fierce altercation between a group of women. Watching this video of fight between women will give you goosebumps.

The video, shared on Instagram, shows a group of women engaged in a heated debate. Women are punching each other, pulling hair. There was such a fierce fight between them that when the people standing around tried to stop them, they also failed. The reason behind the dispute could not be ascertained.

Watch the video:

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The scene, though depressing, is becoming very common, with such incidents becoming an almost daily routine for Delhi Metro commuters. This video, which is spreading rapidly on social media, has not only created concern, but is also getting funny comments from people.

One user wrote, "Delhi Metro is the most happening place in the whole universe." Another compared the drama to the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss and said, "Itna drama toh Bigg Boss mein nahi hota hai as Delhi Metro mein hota hai ab". "Delhi Metro and Mumbai local should be considered fight club transport," said a third, wisely.