Man seen coming out alive from crocodile's jaws

Crocodiles are extremely dangerous, which is why people start trembling with fear as soon as they hear their name. Once a crocodile is in front of it, it is difficult to escape. Many such videos and pictures go viral on social media, in which we get information about dangerous attacks of crocodiles. One such video is now going viral on social media, which will give you goosebumps as soon as you see it. This video shows how a crocodile has swallowed a living person whole. However, when people looked closely, they found that the real story is completely different and shocking.

The viral video made everyone in the virtual world think that they are witnessing a terrifying crocodile attack. But wait, upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the bloodthirsty animal... It's a robot!

Watch the video:

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The video, titled "Robot Crocodile", has garnered over 600,000 likes so far, with viewers appreciating the realistic technique and clever stunts of operating the live robots. But, at first glance, people were frightened. The shocking revelations later took everyone by surprise with the creativity and technical prowess behind the project.

One user commented, "I want to see when this is a real crocodile; Another user made a sarcastic comment to make fun of him, he wrote, "Oh, absolutely! Now a bunch of jealous people are claiming that it is just a plastic and artificial crocodile."

A third user joked, "The crocodile is already dead, the jaw is already broken and there is no mobility. It's either an act or he ate it all and then killed it to get it out."