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Actor Julian Vergov sued his colleague Diana Dimitrova for insulting.

She announced this herself on social networks.

"He filed a lawsuit in court for insulting me for my Facebook status. Yes, for an insult after almost a year," she says, recalling that the prosecution refused to initiate pre-trial proceedings on her complaint of violence against her by her colleague.

"If he felt innocent, he would have filed a lawsuit against me by now for being accused of a crime," she said.

Diana Dimitrova turned to friends, colleagues and journalists: "I would like to invite you to the open court hearing on December 14, 16.45 pm, in the courtroom of the Sofia District Court, 20th Criminal Chamber, Sofia, Blvd. " Gene. M. D. Skobelev" No. 23. I have the right not to appear in the trial, but I decided that I would be there... Because of all the way I've walked, and because of myself." The actress also says that if she could turn back the time when she shared her long-kept secret, now she would talk again. "After a year, I see the change and the result, because until now the topic of violence was taboo. Victims of violence were just statistics. Someone had to go into the fire first and give publicity. I don't regret my choice because it was the right one. Regardless of the high price I paid. Talk so they can hear you, whether it's been five or ten years! Violence is a crime and victims should not be punished again by carrying within themselves the fear of exposing the abuser, "Dimitrova adds.

After the letter of her colleagues from March 28, in which they defended Julian Vergov, Diana decided that there was no point in further upsetting her parents, especially her mother, and engaging more in the case. "I was determined to take action because of the official (only written) statement of the abuser, in which he deliberately manipulated society and with hints inclined to think that I had behaved indecently. A statement that caused enormous damage to my name and shifted the focus for violence, and the yellow media unleashed its imagination to heights.

Diana Dimitrova filed a new complaint against Vergov

The whole of Bulgaria realized that I had been raped, and the abuser is trying to cover it up. And people and my friends know what kind of person I am, and I didn't need to list the good deeds and causes associated with children I was involved in."

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