The world of the Internet is very strange. Can't say when you get to see it here. Recently, a similar video is coming out, in which a tremendous fight is being seen between two school girls. Often people quarrel over any small things in the metro, train, bus or public place and then after some time the video of their fight is also seen on the Internet. A video of one such schoolgirl fight is surprising people these days, seeing which you will also hold your forehead.

Watch the video here.

Kalesh b/w Two College girls on Road with music

— Ghar Ke Kalesh (@gharkekalesh) December 8, 2023

Girls fighting in school video

In the video, the two students, wearing school uniforms, are seen fighting badly with each other. In the video, both the girls can be seen wearing white scarves as well as grey shirts. They are sometimes pulling each other's hair, sometimes pushing each other, to get rid of which people are seen coming between them, but the girls are not stopping fighting with each other.

School girls fighting on road video

On the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), this video has been shared by an account named @gharkekalesh, which users have also been shocked to see. This video of just 32 seconds has been viewed by more than 1 lakh 41 thousand people so far, while more than one thousand people have liked the video. Users are also enjoying the video by making a variety of comments. One user wrote, "Hair coming is permanent in every girl's fight," while another user wrote, 'Background music is suiting the fight.'