Since the Government revealed the eight site selections and construction costs of LPH at the end of last year, it has been the subject of controversy. The Housing Bureau (HDB) today (11th) submitted a document to the Legislative Council to apply for funding for the second batch of light public housing, revealing that the authorities intend to no longer take forward the project of land lent by developers in Sheung Shui Lin Tong Mei, and will add a government site on Hengguang Street in Ma On Shan, as well as vacant or soon vacant school buildings in five houses for site selection, so the second batch of light public housing can still maintain 1,3 units. According to government sources, under the latest scheme, 93% of the LPH flats are located in the urban area/extended urban area and Tuen Mun, and they believe that the location is "better".

The document also mentioned that the Housing Bureau had earlier tendered for the first batch of light public housing estate, and the back-bid price was reduced by 20% compared with the original estimate, so the total funding for the first batch of light public housing could be reduced by 115% from $3.95 billion to $4.15 billion, while the overall funding for light public housing was $247.5 billion.

▼Tuen Mun District 54 simple public housing site selection▼


The 8th site of LPH is located in Siu Lam, adjacent to the Desalination Plant arranged by Qianle, which itself is a public works facility, and has now been moved away, so it is now a seaside auspicious site. (Google Map screenshot)

Siu Lam Lok arranged for the project to cut 800 units, and Chai Wan and Tuen Mun District 54 increased by 440 units

The second batch of LPH involves 4 projects, namely Lin Tong Mei in Sheung Shui, Area 54 in Tuen Mun, Sheung On Street/Sheung Ping Street in Chai Wan, and Siu Lam Lok Arrangement in Tuen Mun, involving a total of about 1,3 units, of which some of the preliminary funding has been applied for together with the first batch of projects at the beginning of this year.

According to the latest documents of the Housing Bureau, after a detailed review of the four sites announced last year, it has decided not to proceed with the project due to the relatively low cost-effectiveness of Liantang Mei in Sheung Shui, and the authorities will reduce the number of units in the Siu Lam Lok arrangement project by 4 units to 800,4 units; However, the scale of Sheung On Street/Sheung Ping Street in Chai Wan and Area 200 of Tuen Mun will be increased to 54,1 and 720,5 units respectively, an increase of 620 units in total.

The site of Hang Kwong Street Light Public Housing in Ma On Shan is located near Chung On Estate. (File photo/Ou Jiale photo)

The site for the construction of Hengguang Street in Ma On Shan was converted into simple public housing and provided 860 units

The document also mentioned that the authorities had identified a government site at Hang Kwong Street, Ma On Shan, which was originally reserved for primary school, but the Education Bureau had confirmed that the site was no longer needed and considered it suitable for the development of light public housing, which was initially expected to provide about 860 units.

▼Site selection of the original simple public housing in Liantangwei, Shangshui▼


Renovation of 5 vacant school buildings can provide 600 units, 4 are located in the urban area

The document also mentioned that, in view of the successful experience of the conversion of school premises under the Transitional Housing Scheme, and after preliminary technical assessment, it is proposed to convert five vacant or soon-to-be-vacant school buildings, providing a total of 600 units, of which 4 are located in the New Territories, at the following locations:

1/ Shun On Estate, Kwun Tong Christian Covenant Church Kin Lok No. 130 Primary School, which is expected to provide <> units

2/ Ma Kam Chan Memorial Primary School (Choi Yuen Branch) of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Choi Yuen Estate, Sheung Shui Choi Yuen Estate, is expected to provide 110 units

3/ The former St. Joseph's English Secondary School in Choi Shek Lane, Kowloon Bay, is expected to provide 150 units

4/ Carmel Leung Provincial Virtue School, Shun On Estate, Kwun Tong, is expected to provide 110 units

5/ Wong Tai Sin Chuk Yuen South Estate Baptist Rainbow Primary School, which is expected to provide 110 units

▼Four of the school buildings were converted into simple public housing sites▼

According to a government source, all the school buildings are located near housing estates, and many are also near MTR stations, "You can go there, even if you have to take a car, it is a short drive to the MTR station, and there are also urban bus routes, and there are buses to Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories."

The first batch of projects returned to the bid price and the budget was 20% lower, and the cost of the two batches was reduced to 247.5 billion

The document also mentioned that the return bid price of the first batch of projects would be reduced by about $30 billion, or 20%, compared with the original estimate, and the total project funding required for the second batch of projects could be reduced by $115.3 billion (i.e. about 98%) from the original estimate of about $4.16 billion to $9.15 billion. According to the latest estimates of the Architectural Services Department, the average unit cost of high-rise simple public housing (LPH) buildings can be lowered from about $65,59 at the beginning of this year to about $50,<>. The average unit cost of the modified school premises can be lowered to about $<>,<>, which is similar to the existing transitional housing.

Government sources pointed out that the total funding for the entire LPH is $247.5 billion, and if the cost is divided by 82,5 units, the average cost is $<>,<>, but the document does not give the authorities' calculation method.

▼On October 2022, 10, the Housing Bureau announced the design of simple public housing interiors▼

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