Nowadays, people are doing such experiments along with food, seeing that many times people's anger is on the seventh sky, and sometimes seeing some experiments, people's laughter becomes out of control. Recently, one such strange experiment is curdling people's brains, in which a person is seen making a coke-banana shake, which may spoil the taste of your mouth too.

Watch the video here.

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If you like to drink fruit shakes, then perhaps this video can spoil your heart. Have you ever drunk a Coke banana shake? If your answer is no, then it is worth watching this video that recently went viral on the Internet. In the video, a man is seen making a coke-banana shake and drinking it. During this time, you can guess only by seeing the expression of the person's face. Users who have seen the video are venting their anger by saying a lot of bad-mouth. In the video, the person first takes Coca Cola in a glass and then peels a banana and puts it in it. The person mixes coke and banana well and drinks it.

On the social media platform Instagram, this video has been shared by an account named FoodMakeScalhappy, which has been seen by many people. Users are making a variety of comments on the video. One user wrote, 'Bas ab yeh shake bach hai na peene ko,' another user wrote, 'It should be banned from going to the kitchen.'