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Top model Mastagarkov is the last guest in season 1 of "After the Games" - the first official podcast for Games of Will. He drops out in the semifinals of the broadcast, but believes that the winner could have been different if he had reached the final battle.

In front of the host Iva Ivanova Mastagarkov announced that he had twice received invitations for "The Bachelor", but refused them because his dream was to participate in the "Games of Will". He says that television is not the place to show your feelings and intentions to a person.

Mastagarkov said he never considered playing with Martin after their conflict because he could not forgive a person who betrayed him. The quarrels between the two continued outside the show because of a dispute that arose from an event attended together by pop folk singer Emanuela and the model. In "After the Games" he tells more about the scandal in which his former beloved Desislava is involved.

How has the life of Krasi Dunev changed after "Games of Will"?

In "After the Games" Mastagarkov said that all the time he restrained his emotions to set a positive example to the children who watch him.

The former footballer said that he received many invitations from different schools to be a guest and speak against violence among students.

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