This year, celebrities surprised us more than ever with their beautiful dresses, which were created for them by the most famous brands and fashion designers. On the red carpet, we saw vintage outfits and replicas from famous films that inspired designers, but among all this number of outfits were the ones that were talked about in the world most often and it is this that we invite you to remember.

Georgina Rodriguez

The beloved of football star Cristiano Ronaldo and the mother of his children attended the Venice Film Festival this year in an unusual red dress from the Vetements brand from the spring-summer 2024 collection, which had a huge train, many folds and a lowered shoulder line.

However, the main feature of this dress was that it is an exact copy of the outfit created by American costume designer Marilyn Vance for the film "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts.

Georgina Rodriguez / Photo: Associated Press

Princess Kate

One of the main events of 2023 was the coronation of King Charles III, but despite this, more and more outfits for his daughter-in-law, Princess Kate of Wales, were discussed.

The Princess of Wales and Prince William in the official portrait of King Charles III / Photo: Getty Images

During the coronation, Kate appeared in a white dress with long sleeves and embroidery, which was custom-made for her by the Alexander McQueen brand. The embroidery was symbolic and with motifs of rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock, which denoted the four nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Instead of a tiara, Kate wore a beaded floral ornament on her head.

The Princess of Wales at the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla / Photo: Associated Press

Margot Robbie

Australian actress Margot Robbie became the main star of 2023, as her appearance in the film "Barbie" made more noise than all other films in the last period combined. Also during the promotional campaign of the comedy about the famous doll, Margot completely transformed into her on-screen character and recreated the images of the most famous Barbies that were on sale.

One of the discussed outfits of the girl was a black dress created for her by the Schiaparelli brand. This dress with a chiffon skirt was a copy of Barbie's Solo in the Spotlight, which was sold in the 1960s.

Margot Robbie / Photo: Associated Press

Kim Kardashian

Traditionally, representatives of the Kardashian family attend the luxurious Met Gala charity event, which is held in New York. This year, Kim Kardashian collaborated with the Schiaparelli brand and appeared on the red carpet in an exclusive Daniel Roseberry outfit.

The dress consisted entirely of pearls, and the corset was powder pink and created the illusion of a naked body. With this dress, Kardashian honored the memory of Lagerfeld, as he loved and often used pearls in his outfits. And to create it, you need more than 50 thousand freshwater pearls and 16 thousand crystal stones. A dozen craftsmen worked on it, for whom it took 1000 hours.

Kim Kardashian / Photo: Associated Press

The only pity is that the dress was so fragile that when the star went to the hotel, some of her threads broke and the pearls crumbled.

Kim Kardashian/Photo: Getty Images

Kylie Jenner

The girl came to the Schiaparelli show in a couture dress of a very unusual design, as she was wearing a huge lion's head. Although the main decoration of the dress was made of fabric, threads, foam and artificial leather, it still had a very realistic look.

Kylie Jenner / Photo: Getty Images

Doja Cat

The singer was often shocked this year, but one of her most unusual dresses, which required incredible patience from her and her team, was a red outfit from the Schiaparelli Fashion House. The top of the dress had a tight and tight corset, and the skirt was embroidered with beads. However, the main feature of the image was that Doja Cat's body was completely covered with red rhinestones from Swarovski.

Doja Cat / Photo: Getty Images

Claudia Schiffer

This year, 90s supermodel Claudia Schiffer walked the catwalk of the Versace show in Milan and it was her public appearance for the first time in a long time. The woman showed off on the catwalk a mint green "metallic" slip dress with lace inserts on the chest and waist, as well as a trendy diamond-shaped print in clown-style style.

Claudia Schiffer / Photo: Associated Press

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex is not a frequent guest at events, but this year she attended the Women of Vision Awards ceremony in New York. On the red carpet, she shone in a quilted gold strapless dress by Johanna Ortiz with a slit in the front and a small diamond-shaped neckline in the neckline.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry / Photo: Getty Images

This image of Prince Harry's wife was actively discussed, as the dress was strapless and traces of a swimsuit were visible on Meghan's tanned body.

Meghan Markle / Photo: Getty Images

Alina Baykova

The Ukrainian model made a lot of noise this year, but not with some luxurious evening dress, but with an outfit with the eloquent slogan F*ck you Putin, which she wore to an event held as part of New York Fashion Week.

The star appeared on the red carpet in a yellow oversized knitted sweater dress from the Ukrainian brand Vip Luxury Edition.

Alina Baykova / Photo: Getty Images

Baykova repeated the success with the message to the Russian dictator in Cannes, but the demonstration of the anti-Putin inscription was prevented by the security guards of the event, who took the model off the red carpet.

Alina Baykova / Photo: Associated Press

Demi Moore

The 61-year-old actress attended the Academy Museum Gala and simply wowed with her glamorous outfit. Demi walked the red carpet in a gold dress from Tamara Ralph with a huge 3D flower on her shoulder.

Demi Moore / Photo: Associated Press

Lady Gaga

The singer attended the Oscars this year, as she was among the nominees in the Best Song for the Film category. The star appeared on the red carpet in an outfit from Versace, and everyone discussed this dress because she had a very lowered skirt and her buttocks were visible from behind.

Lady Gaga / Photo: Associated Press

Lady Gaga / Photo: Associated Press


During this year, Rihanna demonstrated more than one sexy and revealing look, but after it became known about her second pregnancy, the singer came to the Oscars in an image from Alaïa, consisting of a transparent turtleneck bodysuit, a leather top and a maxi skirt with a train.

Rihanna / Photo: Associated Press

Natalie Portman

She came to the 76th Cannes Film Festival wearing a replica of the iconic dress called "Juno", created by Christian Dior himself for the 1949 Milieu du Siècle fall-winter collection. The original outfit is now kept in the museum.

Natalie Portman / Photo: Getty Images

Sienna Miller

41-year-old Sienna Miller originally announced her second pregnancy - she attended the Vogue World event in an outfit from Schiaparelli, which fully revealed her rounded belly. The father of the child is her boyfriend, 26-year-old Oli Green, with whom she confirmed her relationship in February last year.

Sienna Miller / Photo: Associated Press

Nicole Kidman

Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman appeared at the Met Gala in an outfit from the Chanel No.5 commercial, who was already 19 years old. It was in the same dress that the star starred in a 180-second short film-advertisement directed by Baz Luhrmann, dedicated to the fragrance Chanel No. 5.

Nicole Kidman / Photo: Associated Press