The host of the show "Before Noon" Desi Stoyanova made an emotional return to the air on Monday morning. She was absent for a short time after the death of her husband - journalist Velislav Rusev.

"I thought a lot about what to say and realized that I actually had a finding to make and express a hope," she began and burst into tears.

Her husband died on November 28 after suffering a stroke at the age of 57.

Desi Stoyanova with first words after the death of her husband

Velislav Rusev was a respected professional with a respectable career and extensive experience in the media. The guild knows him as a dedicated newspaperman, investigative journalist and mentor to a whole generation of reporters who has worked in the newspapers "24 hours", "Sega", "Monitor" and "Express".

"When you go through something like that, you think about how important the support of those around you is. It's important to face the pain and endure it. That is why I really want to thank everyone once again for their understanding and empathy", continued Desi Stoyanova through tears.

She said she probably won't be in her best shape sometimes, but she's sure there will be times when she'll laugh endlessly.

"The fact is that when something shakes you to the core, moving forward is not easy, but I firmly realize that the thing that helps is striving to see more the bright side of life. That's something I'm going to try to do from now on. To appreciate the moment, because in the end we have only it, "said Desi Stoyanova.

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