Also, they declare continued victory to prevent these shepherds from fulfilling their wishes, they say.

This is what is happening today, despite the bloody developments of the war in Gaza, and this is what happened after the "July 2006 war" on Lebanon, when the resistance was defied by former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who considered that the project of a "new Middle East" was put on track.

In fact, what Rice preached is being implemented in full swing in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian autonomous regions, where the concept of the state, with its institutions, national army, security and economy, has been absent in favor of militias of a sectarian nature, which owe their loyalty and weapons to the head of their axis, and whose interest prevails over the interest of the country that bears its identity.

Unfortunately, this project does not aim to eliminate resistance, stop its hand from fueling sectarian divisions and religious ideologies in the region, feeding extremism and terrorism and using them according to requirements, spreading corruption, impoverishing and ignoring peoples and flooding them with locally manufactured drugs to supplement the reluctant economy.

Or as if what is required to maintain this resistance is a sword hanging over the peoples of the region and their legitimate leaders to blackmail them where and when necessary, and at the same time, work to keep them as far as possible from the map of economic interests, so the American veto at the United Nations on the ceasefire resolution in Gaza, and therefore the grace period for Israel lasts, and for a period ranging from one month to six weeks, as the circulating information indicates.

It is clear that the choice was taken to push the Gazans to Rafah, and from there perhaps to Sinai, and simultaneously, to adopt a scorched-earth policy in villages south of the Litani River, to push Hezbollah to the north of the river, "by all means", according to the statement of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant, without neglecting the "military means", as if his army and government are relying on others to exterminate as many Gazan civilians as possible and eliminate the possibility of the return of those who remain, and not allow reconstruction after the end of the war except under impossible conditions.

Thus, the new Middle East is completing its chapters due to this war and its consequences, despite the fact that Israel received a blow that shook its foundations in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, and despite the fact that the field is still difficult to resolve the battle in its favor, because the resistance of the Gazans is not negligible.

But this war will end. It is likely to overthrow the political life of the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and open a new phase, even if the equation of "neither winner nor loser" is enshrined, allowing each of the parties to the conflict to adopt a narrative of victory that suits him and preserves his interests.

However, frustration is the fate of those who expect an end that will restore the right to its owners, who have paid a huge price that moved international public opinion and not its political administrations. Certainly, it would have been possible to benefit when the search for solutions began, if the Palestinian leadership had been united to allow its representatives to sit around a negotiating table with international and regional rapporteurs.

But the wishes are difficult to achieve, because Hamas is not the decision-maker without the dictates of the head of its axis, which invests in Palestinian blood and the Palestinian division, so we must expect an international arrangement at the expense of the people of Gaza after the displacement of one million and 800 thousand of them to the Egyptian border, and at the expense of the people of southern Lebanon if the chapters of pushing "Hezbollah" towards the north with fire and destruction are completed, because one of the episodes of the new Middle East requires arranging maps from Rafah to the borders of the Litani River. Perhaps with the acceptance and delivery of the head of the axis, which receives rewards alone. May God have mercy on the martyrs.