Video of youth threatening elephants from Assam goes viral.

Videos related to animals often appear on the Internet, some of which are heartbreaking, while some touch the heart, but seeing this video related to the recently viral elephant, you will also turn red yellow with anger. In this viral video, a group of youths are seen provoking an elephant by showing slippers. During this time, the elephant, which is shaken by this action of the youth, is seen avoiding falling down narrowly.

Watch the video here.

Identify the real animal here. Then these giants charge & we call them killers. Dont ever do this, it's life threatening. Video is from Assam.

— Parveen Kaswan, IFS (@ParveenKaswan) December 7, 2023

IFS officer's anger erupted (Animal Viral Video)

The video has been shared on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan, whose caption reads, 'Identify the real animal here, then these giants accuse and we call them murderers. Never do this, it is life-threatening. This one minute 10 second video has been viewed by more than 92 thousand people so far, while more than one thousand people have liked this video.

Young men scaring elephants with slippers (humans and wildlife)

In the video, an elephant is seen standing on top of the hill. During this time, a group of youths is seen making the elephant angry. In the video, it can be seen how a group of youths are provoking the elephant with slippers in their hands and are also trying to scare it. Seeing this act of the youth, the elephant also gets angry with anger, but he is also seen retreating, but despite this, the group of youths does not desist from harassing the elephant. It can be seen that during the attack, the elephant is seen narrowly avoiding falling down. Users are expressing their anger over this act of youths by giving a variety of reactions to this video.