The singer Toni Dimitrova surprised her fans with a new song and a new duet mate, namely pop-folk singer Krum.

The song is called "You Are" and is already enjoying viewer interest. An interesting fact is that the chorus of the song is the emblematic Bulgarian song "Take Ogin Light Me", presented in an updated version.

Toni Dimitrova commented on her new song and unusual duo mate in social networks, making a premiere of the song.

Dear Ones, the idea for this song, for this version, belongs to Krum. He wrote his first part, these are his words and I am happy to participate. I will not comment on the "concerns" whether I will turn to popfolk! Krum is an academic musician, but how do the writers know that? Thank you for your respect and friendship! I love you, good and talented boy!" says Toni Dimitrova.

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