Today, December 10, representatives of all zodiac signs will feel the negative energy of the day, but three of them may feel truly defenseless.


Cancers are the most reverent representatives of the zodiac, they react sensitively to any negative statements addressed to them, and then worry for a long time about any - sometimes insignificant - reason. But today is a special case, because they may suspect loved ones of attacking, and this will make a breach in their energy shell.


It is very difficult to scare Leos with something – they are too confident for this, but, as you know, every man is not without sin. On this day, there is a high probability of a quarrel with a loved one, who, in the heat of an argument, may threaten to break up. Well, since they do not understand at all how to live without it, this can be a test for them.


Scorpios are much more vulnerable than it might seem from the outside and are often nervous for various reasons, although they carefully hide it. Today, they will have no real reason for this – the sensitive representatives of the sign will be affected by the negative energy of the day, which will make them - according to their feelings - weak and defenseless.