"The message of the wise: anticipating the coming of affliction.

The Message of the Brave: The Duel of Affliction, When Affliction Comes»


(Member of the Seven Sages Forum, sixth century BC)

Whoever was chosen by fate to be an eyewitness to the chapters of our human farce, alone will discover how treacherous this world is, our presence in it is a blatant conspiracy, it is enough that, in the vortex of falsehood its falsehoods are just a ransom, and the evidence is exposed by our position on the lesson taught to us by nature in the letter of the resurrection, so we hardly woke up from the horror of the earthquake, which descended in the reality of our people in the Far Maghreb, until we were hit by a stronger resurrection, in the homes of our people in Derna, so we do not mourn only the size of the injured, but we did not We have come to admit to ourselves until today, that this architectural masterpiece is not only a disaster city, but a lost paradise, just like the legendary "Atlantida", the Greek "Terra", the Roman "Bombay", or the desert "Wau". Has our obsession with misfortunes ceased to be there?

No, of course, as long as the law of fate is the one that decreed that the calamities be allied with us, do not accept us except to descend in columns, it is not for us to condemn that another resurrection strikes us, in another corner of our vast reality, which is the plight of the nation of the veil, which mourned in its last stronghold, which is «Azawad», on which the forces of evil leaned in this unjust world, so they all join together to silence the breath of this newborn fetus, the soldiers of the state of Mali, in their knees, just an excuse to camouflage the reality of international intrigue, while the content is represented In Russia: "Wagner mercenaries" and cowardly Turkey, in supplying the puppet of the financial system with drones, with the support of all neighboring countries, African and Arab, and with the actual and moral support of two other acrobats, namely Europe and America, with the blessing of relatives in committing the most heinous massacres against an unarmed, innocent people, as if erasing this safe, peaceful, lost corner in the world's greatest desert, from the map of the planet, is the bet, which will achieve salvation, for ghosts, who are willing to covet, in their existence, salvation, in implementation of a premeditated intention, to liquidate another A stronghold of heroism in this ideological world, which refuses only to embrace the monopoly of truth as a religion, does not hesitate to sacrifice the last item in the system of moral values, when it cedes the idol, to the account of Mephistoples, not sorry, if, in the deal, he loses his soul, to prove the correctness of the argument of the wise "Thoreau", in the commandment: "The only appropriate place for an honest man in our world is prison!" , to add, inspired by a fairy named modernity: «.. This is happening in response to the call of the program that the chapters of the sinful scheme, which France supervised its implementation against the most peaceful part of the earth, the Sahara Desert, must be finalized to ensure its domination over the natural treasures of this continent, from oil, gas, gold, uranium, phosphate, iron, and even its precious sand, fabricated from the clay of the birthplace of Genesis, otherwise it would not have been equal in making the finest crystal races in the world, so how can France not poison its people with its nuclear explosions, To consolidate its grip on this free booty? It is not satisfied with this blasphemy, but it refuses only to confiscate the Sahara from its identity, as a historical homeland of the nation of the Latham, and tear its pieces into shares, as if it were private property, to distribute them to barbaric tribes, who never belonged to the mud of the Sahara, without justifications that qualify them to be states, neither culturally, nor religiously, nor historically, nor civilized, as is the case with Mali, Chad, Niger or Burkina Faso, to present it as a gift to a group that yesterday had servants, so it decided to reward this boredom for this work, in order to ensure the continuation of Their loyalty to it, after it emerged from their reality as a colony, thinking from all these idiots that if the Tuareg lost "Kidal", they lost "Azawad", and if they lost "Azawad", they lost the state, and if they lost the state, they lost the Sahara, and if they lost the Sahara, they lost the homeland.

They do not know that the state is what was not the dream of the Tuareg over thousands of years, but since the formation, for which they were, and no one else, an argument, as we will show with proof, in the text of the statement that follows, because they were the ones who were credited with the founding of the oldest states, because they were the imam in the epic of establishing the basis of civilization in the history of the human race, it is enough to refer to the testimony of the godfather of prehistoric history, Herodotus, who confessed to their ancestors the pioneer in this field. Sticks, may their goodness overflow with wisdom on the civilization of the Greeks, which is praised by the world, as a pioneer in going to the ladder of enlightenment, which laid the foundation stone for the status achieved by humanity, so that Greece, the student of Libya, is the reference model in the prevailing mentality until today. And because they are the messengers of the first in understanding the reality of a bogeyman like the state, they are the first to choose to live chasing the mirage of horizons in its great desert, rather than annihilating its entire existence as small, to beg to please this executioner, who does not accept or recognize and does not accept in his kingdom except those who agree to give up freedom voluntarily, to squander age as a slave, especially after they discovered that happiness is not in receiving a sinful gift, such as wealth, from a palm polluted with blood like the state, but happiness is the work of freedom. The nation of the people of the veil, pasted from the mud of asceticism, is the most believing in the truth of existence, as the fruit of iniquity, and it is natural, for this reason, that retribution is the only appropriate reward for paying the bill for excise, entitled to buy this iniquity, and Mr. Kaf, in the example of Kafka, the "trial" is the strongest proof of the correctness of what we are as an offering, as a ransom, seeking in the earth, waiting for a resurrection, in which the executioner will drag the blade on the sacrifice, to shout, just as the model of Kafka, Mr. Kaf shouted at his slaughter: "So? Like a dog? !».