District Council elections were held today (12th), and the Government held the "Building a Better Community Concert" last night (10th) to encourage people to stay in Hong Kong and vote today. According to the immigration figures, the number of Hong Kong people leaving Hong Kong yesterday increased slightly compared with the previous Saturday, recording more than 36,4 passengers, while the number of Hong Kong people "going north" dropped slightly, with 28,5 fewer than nearly 5000,25, and as for the number of Hong Kong returnees, there were 1,25 yesterday, similar to the 8,<> on the previous Saturday.

According to immigration figures, 36,4 Hong Kong residents left the country yesterday, slightly more than the 36,3 on the previous Saturday, about 1000,<>.

The number of Hong Kong residents returning to the mainland through various control points yesterday was 28,5, about 29,5000 fewer than the previous Saturday's nearly <>,<> people.

There were 25,1 Hong Kong people who returned to Hong Kong yesterday, similar to the 25,8 who returned to Hong Kong the previous Saturday.

In terms of "southbound" mainland visitors, nearly 14,12 visited Hong Kong yesterday, up from 4,14 last Saturday, but the "deficit" of "northbound and southbound" still exists, with a difference of about <>,<>.


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