A 62-year-old man died at home in a murder case in Tai Po Zhai Nga Village, and the police arrested the deceased's 52-year-old wife, and the Tai Po District Crime Unit took over the investigation. It is reported that the deceased went through three marriages, and the current wife of the arrested is the third wife, and the two have a son.

The deceased's surname was Zhong 62 years old, and his wife's surname was Luo 52 years old. Some villagers said that the deceased had three marriages and had a daughter with his first wife; The deceased had lived in England for more than 10 years, married a local woman, and also had a daughter; After the divorce, I realized that my current wife, who has a son in his 10s, and a family of three lived in a two-story high-speed rail leather house in the village many years ago.

It is said that the couple has a violent personality, arguing from time to time to alarm the villagers, and the neighbors are also Xi to it. The deceased was engaged in construction work and had a three-storey village house suspected to have been used for rent collection. The deceased had a Xi of smoking and drinking, and often left beer cans in his home, which was very messy. The wife of the deceased recently renovated the exterior wall of the tin house with paint, claiming that she felt that the house was dilapidated and that she had no idea that the body was hidden in the house.

The deceased's niece (right) was present to assist police officers in the investigation. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)

Relatives and friends of the deceased came to the scene to understand. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)


The villagers also said that last night (9th), the deceased's grandmother returned to Hong Kong from a foreign country, saying that she could not contact the deceased, and her aunt refused to open the door. Noting that the tin house was very clean, which did not match the deceased's usual Xi, she felt suspicious and decided to call the police, but the police entered the house to expose the murder, arrested the deceased's wife on the spot, and returned to the police station with a black cloth covering her headband.

According to sources at the scene, the time of the deceased's murder is estimated to be early this month, and it is not ruled out that they were bathed to death, and their son was later arranged to live temporarily at the residence of the deed mother.

Villagers said that the deceased had a three-storey village house in the village. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)

Servants remove the body. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)

Tai Po Zhai Woo Village's Nephew Returns to Hong Kong to Find Her Missing Uncle Reveals That He Was Killed and Died in the House, Police Detained the 52-year-old Wife of the Deceased