A murder case occurred in Tai Po Zhai Village, a 62-year-old man was suspected of being baked to death in a tin house, and his niece came to the door to find out that the police believed that the deceased had been killed for many days and arrested his 52-year-old wife. It is alleged that the couple often quarreled and had separated rooms, and the content of the quarrel was mainly about the deceased often hanging out in bars and messing around. At the material time, the deceased accidentally fell, and someone took the opportunity to crush him with a bed frame, and then bake him to death with a bed.

The deceased's surname was Zhong, 62 years old, and his wife, 52, surnamed Luo, were both retirees. Some villagers pointed out that the deceased and his wife often quarreled, which alarmed the neighbors, and the people did not think of it. The quarrel was mainly about the deceased's frequent hanging out in bars and being accused of messing with flowers, and the couple had slept in separate rooms, while sending their 13-year-old son to his mother's house at the end of last month.

It is reported that the two quarreled again a few days ago and broke up unhappily, after which the deceased returned to the room to repair the bed frame, during which he accidentally stumbled, and someone took the opportunity to press him with the bed frame and roasted him to death with a quilt. The forensic doctor arrived at the scene for examination and initially believed that the deceased had been dead for two to four days.

The deceased, his wife and children lived in a tin house with a family of three, and their son moved out of his mother's house at the end of last month. (Photo by Wu Yongying)

The incident occurred at about 11 o'clock last night, a 25-year-old man went to a village house in Zhaiqi Village to look for his <>-year-old uncle, but his aunt refused to open the door. The police arrived at the scene and confirmed that the uncle had died at the scene, and after investigation, the deceased's wife was arrested.

According to sources, the nephew who reported the case lives in a foreign country and has been in contact with his uncle surnamed Zhong (the deceased), but the other party has recently lost contact, and after returning to Hong Kong last night, he specially came to the door to look for him, but the aunt was unwilling to open the door, and the two sides had a dispute. During this time, she noticed that the tin house was very clean, which was not in line with the deceased's usual Xi, and felt suspicious, and decided to call the police, but the police entered the house to expose the murder.

The deceased's niece (right) was present to assist police officers in the investigation. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)


Some villagers said that the deceased had three marriages and had a daughter with his first wife; Later, he moved to the United Kingdom, lived for more than 10 years, married a local woman, and also had a daughter; It has been more than 20 years since he returned to Hong Kong, and after the divorce, he realized that his current wife, who is reported to be from the Mainland, has a son, 13 years old, and a family of three living in a two-storey high-speed rail house.

The village house also pointed out that the couple had a violent personality and quarreled from time to time to alarm the villagers, and the neighbors were also Xi to it. The deceased was previously engaged in construction and a three-storey village house next to his residence was suspected to have been used for rent collection. The deceased had a Xi of smoking and drinking, and often left beer cans in his home, which was very messy. The wife of the deceased recently renovated the exterior wall of the tin house with paint, claiming that she felt that the house was dilapidated and that she had no idea that the body was hidden in the house.

Villagers said that the deceased had a three-storey village house in the village. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)

Servants remove the body. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)

Police officers continued to remain at the scene. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)

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