Police arrested his 62-year-old wife after a 52-year-old man was crushed to death by a mattress frame and mattress when he fell in a tin house. The brother of the deceased in the same village said that the deceased and his wife had disputes from time to time, and even alarmed the police to come to resolve the matter, but they had the impression that the sister-in-law (suspected murderer) had an easy-going personality, but the deceased drank alcohol from time to time and spoke incoherently and behaved rudely.

Mr. Zhong, who belonged to the same clan as the deceased, said that the current sister-in-law was the third wife of the deceased, and his previous two wives were Chinese and ghost-wives, and each gave birth to a daughter, one of whom was already married. It is known that during his stay in the UK, he used to open restaurants and work part-time, and later returned to the UK because of the death of his father, leaving behind a number of properties. The deceased owned at least two three-storey village houses, one of which had been sold for rent collection in the early years, and the rest was used for rent collection, while the family of three lived in a tin house.

Relatives and friends were present to pay tribute. (Photo by Huang Xuerun)

Regarding the arrest of his sister-in-law on suspicion of murdering her husband, he bluntly said that he couldn't believe it, saying: "His two in-laws get along very well, and they are both teenagers... But my analysis is impossible, the two in-laws have fights and stalks, and sometimes (the deceased) drink and be rude. He drinks left wine and speaks incoherently. Brothers, it's hard to gain or lose!" He pointed out that the deceased had a lot of alcohol, "drank a stick, drank a meal at two o'clock, and whiskey".

The brother from the same village also said that his sister-in-law used to work in a restaurant selling nest stickers in Tai Po, and when she retired for a long time, she felt that she had an easy-going personality, "she has nothing to do with us, she eats us neatly, and she doesn't know about people", and believes that she is not a wicked woman. The last time he saw the deceased was a week ago, and two days ago, he had seen his sister-in-law, and the two sides gossiped and did not notice anything unusual, until a large number of police officers arrived last night, and the sister-in-law was taken away by a black cloth covering her head, and she knew that there was a murder case.

In addition, the deceased's son (13 years old) accompanied me to the scene of the murder at Qi's mother, but they were silent and only provided information to the police officers present and paid tribute at the scene.

The incident occurred at 11:25 p.m. last night, when a <>-year-old man went to a village house in Zhaiqi Village to look for his <>-year-old uncle, but his aunt refused to open the door. The police arrived at the scene and confirmed that the uncle had died at the scene, and after investigation, the deceased's wife was arrested.

According to sources, the nephew who reported the case lives in a foreign country and has been in contact with his uncle surnamed Zhong (the deceased), but the other party has recently lost contact, and after returning to Hong Kong last night, he specially came to the door to look for him, but the aunt was unwilling to open the door, and the two sides had a dispute. During this time, she noticed that the tin house was very clean, which was not in line with the deceased's usual Xi, and felt suspicious, and decided to call the police, but the police entered the house to expose the murder.

The deceased's niece (right) was present to assist police officers in the investigation. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)


Villagers said that the deceased had a three-storey village house in the village. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)

Servants remove the body. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)

Police officers continued to remain at the scene. (Photo by Chen Yongwu)

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