Liang Minghao, a young man from Hong Kong who went to Taiwan to study, suffered a severe head injury in a car accident in 2021, and although doctors rescued him from the ghost gate, doctors predicted that he could become a vegetative person. Maybe it is because of Ming Hao's fighting spirit, or the careful care of his family, Ming Hao miraculously regained consciousness, and gradually recovered some of his abilities, his eyes changed from dull and unfocused to "eyes are busy", and his left hand recovered seventy percent of his ability to make gestures for simple communication, and the degree of recovery is beyond the doctor's imagination.
After nearly three years of treatment in Taiwan, Minghao's physical condition has stabilized, and he only needs to continue rehabilitation. In recent years, his parents have been separated from the two places for a long time due to Zhang Luo's medical expenses and care for Minghao, and they have long planned to return to Hong Kong. At a time when some medical institutions were willing to sponsor Ming Hao's expenses for returning to Hong Kong, the Leung family began to prepare. The reporter of "Hong Kong 01" made a special trip to Chiayi to visit Ming Hao and interview his rehabilitation and return to Hong Kong, and he finally returned to Hong Kong at the end of November, and was immediately sent to the Prince of Wales Hospital for treatment. Dad and Mom Leung thanked the enthusiastic public for their donations and the help of the Hong Kong 11 Joy Foundation, and said, "I am so touched and grateful, I will never forget that in the future, we will have the ability to give back to this society."

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At 5 o'clock in the morning every day, Liang's father and Liang's mother got up to turn over and pat Minghao's back, stretch and massage to stimulate blood circulation. (Photo by Deng Bailiang)

Doctors have judged that the recovery progress of a vegetative person is miraculous

On January 2021, 1, Liang Minghao, a second-year student in the Department of Agronomy of National Chiayi University in Chiayi City, Taiwan, drove a motorcycle to pick up a friend to Budai Port in Chiayi. Minghao had to be admitted to the intensive care unit and underwent skull removal surgery, and with his tenacious will, he finally walked out of the ghost gate.

Although the doctors rescued Ming Hao, they initially had no expectations for his recovery, and many brain surgeons believed that Ming Hao had suffered brain injuries and had the opportunity to become a vegetative person in the future, and it would take several years for him to "truly return to his senses". However, Ming Hao's family did not give up, visited the sick every day and played the harmonica to call Ming Hao, and took care of Aunt Zhuo every step of the way, Ming Hao gradually regained consciousness, and was paralyzed at first, although his eyes could be opened wide, but he was stunned and looked at without focus, no different from a vegetative person. Fortunately, after treatment and rehabilitation, he was able to move his eyes and neck, move his fingers, raise his left hand, and move his feet, and his recovery progress far exceeded the doctor's expectations, which even the attending doctor described as a miracle. Since March last year, Minghao has been discharged from the hospital for home rehabilitation.

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Ming Hao is still bedridden, unable to speak or eat, and needs a wheelchair to get in and out, but his left hand has recovered 70% of his ability. (Photo by Deng Bailiang)

The hardships of rehabilitation training are still not giving up

In late November this year, the reporter made a special trip to Chiayi to visit Ming Hao and interview him about his rehabilitation life and the process of returning to Hong Kong. In addition to regular follow-up, he has to go to the rehabilitation hospital five days a week to do physical therapy and speech therapy, train for 01 hours in the morning and afternoon, and receive acupuncture on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When the reporter observed Ming Hao's training in the hospital, he found that even if he could not fully achieve rehabilitation movements, he would not give up easily with the encouragement of his family, and would try his best to try and correct his movements. Liang's mother and Aunt Zhuo will do extra Xi with Ming Hao at home in their spare time, such as using a whiteboard to practice word recognition, letting him exercise his hand muscles with a bean bag, etc., plus insisting on turning over and patting Ming Hao on the back every day to stimulate blood circulation and keep him in good condition. Leung's mother thinks that Ming Hao's current progress has not been easy to come by, and she does not want him to regress, so she always encourages him: "I talk to Ming Hao about the truth that water drops and stones wear stones, as long as he persists in rehabilitation, I hope that he will be able to walk out of the door (of the hospital) one day."

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Ming Hao has to go to the rehabilitation hospital five days a week for physiotherapy, speech therapy and acupuncture. (Photo by Deng Bailiang)


At present, Ming Hao's mind has fully recovered and he can understand the conversations of others, but he is not yet able to speak, and he has to be fed by nasogastric tube for three meals a day and food and medicine. He knows how to read simple Chinese and English and numbers, and wrote the number "1" on the whiteboard, much to the delight of his parents. However, it takes time for his feet to be rehabilitated, and he still has to rely on a wheelchair to get in and out. His left hand has recovered nearly <>% of his ability, and he moves slightly slowly, but he can raise his thumb, tail finger, "OK" and other gestures to respond and communicate with the outside world simply. The right hand is only about <>% regained. Ming Hao often greets people with a smile when he is happy, and laughs "yaa" from time to time; It's just that when the mood is too high, the body will suddenly become tense.

Ming Hao's left hand has recovered nearly seventy percent of his ability, and he can make gestures and communicate with the outside world simply. (Photo by Poon Lok Man)

Substantial recovery was granted permission to return to Hong Kong for treatment

Leung's father and Leung's mother said that the attending doctor believed that Ming Hao had recovered to a large extent, and as long as he continued to do rehabilitation training, he had earlier approved Ming Hao's permission to return to Hong Kong for treatment. However, Minghao's brain damage will always affect other functions of the body, as for when it can be recovered, to what extent, and whether there will be any more miracles, it can only rely on Minghao's own efforts and the assistance of his family.

Since Ming Hao's physical condition has stabilized, and his student visa will expire in January next year, he will lose the preferential treatment of the Taiwan health care card at that time, and the medical expenses will inevitably increase significantly. On the occasion of AMG Medical Institution's willingness to sponsor Ming Hao's return to Hong Kong to the Hong Kong 1 Zhongle Foundation, the Liang family is also actively preparing for the return to Hong Kong and handling documents.

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The medical team went to Chiayi, Taiwan to check on Minghao and found that his physical condition and life support index were good. (Photo by Deng Bailiang)


The medical team brought back to Hong Kong with a smile on their faces

In late November, the medical team sent personnel to Chiayi, Taiwan to conduct a medical examination for Ming Hao, and found that he was in good physical condition and health support index, and was suitable to return to Hong Kong by air, and then arranged a return air ticket from Kaohsiung. On the day of his return to Hong Kong, Ming Hao needed to take an ambulance prepared by the medical team to the airport, during which he had to be separated from his parents for a short time.

After more than an hour of flying and with the assistance of the airline and the Immigration Department, Ming Hao arrived at Hong Kong International Airport in the afternoon of the same day, and raised his thumb to take a group photo with his parents and medical team members when he left the cabin. Ming Hao then took an ambulance arranged by the medical team to the Prince of Wales Hospital for examination, he is still in the hospital, but his family and friends have visited the hospital.

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Ming Hao took an ambulance arranged by the medical team to the Prince of Wales Hospital for examination. (Photo by Poon Lok Man)

It has been nearly three years since Ming Hao's accident, and his parents have spent more than one million yuan on nursing, medical treatment and rehabilitation expenses, and even used their remaining savings. Leung's father and Leung's mother thanked the Hong Kong 01 Zhongle Foundation and the enthusiastic public for raising $125.<> million for Ming Hao's immediate needs. Dad Leung said frankly: "Hong Kong people are enthusiastic, never cooled down, in fact, so touched and grateful, we will never forget, our family members have told Hao Tsai that in the future, we have the ability, we will give back to the society, thank all the friends who helped."

Ming Hao returned to Hong Kong smoothly and took a group photo with his parents.

Since November 01, the Hong Kong 2021 Zhongle Foundation has continued to follow up on the situation of the Liang family and launched fundraising for Ming Hao twice. At the same time, the Foundation also contacted Amber Medical to study the feasibility of escorting Ming Hao back to Hong Kong, and was agreed to sponsor the medical escort service. The Secretariat of the Foundation played a coordinating role in the process, and Amber Medical provided professional advice and services. In November 11, the three parties actively prepared for the details of their return to Hong Kong, including assessing Ming Hao's medical condition, the required medical escort equipment and staffing, liaising with the Hong Kong Immigration Department, the Airport Authority Hong Kong and Taiwan to apply for special lanes, applying for seats from airlines, and extensive paperwork. Finally, on November 2023, Ming Hao successfully returned to Hong Kong under medical escort.

Crowdfunding and mutual assistance have achieved a life change, and I wish Minghao a speedy recovery.

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