Leung Ming-hao, a young man from Hong Kong studying in Taiwan, was severely injured in a car accident, leaving him bedridden for nearly three years and losing most of his mobility. Ming Hao, who was originally judged by doctors to be in a vegetative state, is now able to move his eyes and neck, and can make gestures with his left hand to communicate with people, and his recovery is described as a miracle by doctors. Behind the miracle, in fact, every small step Ming Hao took on the road to rehabilitation was really due to the silent efforts of Liang's mother and the caretaker Aunt Zhuo behind the scenes. For more than two years, they have been tired of taking care of Minghao every day, sleeping only three hours a night, and they have also broken their bodies for a long time, and they have to see a doctor regularly for recuperation. On the eve of Ming Hao's return to Hong Kong, Liang's father went to Taiwan in advance to learn how to take care of his son in Xi, and he also felt hard for a few days. Minghao still has a long way to go before he fully recovers, and his family is ready to accompany Minghao to fight a protracted battle, Liang's mother said that she is more optimistic, she will only see walking in the future, and will continue to take care of Minghao: "He has a breath to breathe, I have to take care of him... Because there is no one to replace my mother."

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Liang's mother and Aunt Zhuo have been taking care of Minghao in Taiwan, turning over and patting Minghao's back, massaging and stretching every day. (Photo by Deng Bailiang)

"Hong Kong 01" has reported on Ming Hao's condition many times since 2021, but most of them have learned about Ming Hao's physical condition through video conversations, photos and videos. In November this year, the reporter finally made a special trip to Chiayi, Taiwan to visit Ming Hao, and interviewed the daily life of Ming Hao's family from 11 to <>, and found that his recovery progress was far better than expected.

Home rehabilitation is a major test for caregivers

Liang's mother recalled that after the car accident, Ming Hao had a serious head injury and had to undergo surgery, and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. However, for caregivers, the patient's home rehabilitation is the beginning of the real test, from the location of the rental property to the diet, cleaning and living arrangements. Liang's mother was amazed that Ming Hao was taken care of by a nurse when she was in the hospital, she only needed to prepare food and visit the patient regularly, but at the beginning of home rehabilitation, she had to take care of Ming Hao's daily life and diet around the clock, and the focus of her life was only her son, and she was busy every day.

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Liang's mother and Aunt Zhuo accompanied Minghao to the rehabilitation hospital for training every day. (Photo by Deng Bailiang)


The daily itinerary starts at 5 o'clock in the morning, and the mother of the bed beam will turn over and pat the back for 40 minutes for Ming Hao to stimulate the blood circulation of his body, so as to avoid long-term bed pressure ulcers, and then feed Ming Hao breakfast food and medicine, and then feed every 3 hours. Every day at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., I should take Minghao to the rehabilitation hospital for 3 hours of training, and I need to take a shower and eat when I go home after each training session, every day. Late at night, she had to get up and pat Ming Hao's back for a massage, and Liang's mother admitted frankly that she could only sleep for two or three hours a night and never fell asleep. Thanks to Aunt Zhuo's shared work, she was able to find time to clean and take a nap during the day.

Long-term care for lack of sleep and gradual physical exhaustion

Taking care of her son day after day, coupled with lack of sleep, Liang's mother, who has always been frail, gradually deteriorated, she said: "When I came to Taiwan, I weighed 100 pounds, but now I only weigh about 90 pounds, and I have lost at least 10 pounds." For more than two years, she has felt dizzy due to low blood pressure; My own tinnitus problem has also become serious, resulting in hearing loss, and I need to see a Chinese medicine practitioner regularly to regulate my body. Recently, Aunt Zhuo noticed that Mrs. Leung's mental condition seemed to be at a critical point, and she was mentally depressed for a long time, and she was extremely nervous about small things, and suspected of having symptoms of anxiety disorder, and also reminded Dad Leung to pay more attention to his wife's body.

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Aunt Zhuo has been a caregiver for nearly ten years, and she considers taking care of Minghao for two years to be her greatest achievement. (Photo by Poon Lok Man)

Ming Hao's gradual improvement is the greatest achievement of caregivers

Aunt Zhuo's condition is not much better, she has been hired to take care of Ming Hao since 2021, and has been accompanying Ming Hao in and out of the hospital, even if she was diagnosed with the new crown during the epidemic, she also took care of Ming Hao as a confirmed person, never leaving, she has not taken a holiday for nearly two years, but I am afraid that Ming Hao's condition will change. Most of the physical work of carrying Minghao to and from bed every day and pushing Minghao to and from the rehabilitation hospital in a wheelchair is mostly undertaken by Aunt Zhuo. However, Aunt Zhuo will be in her sixties, and her iron body is also afraid of damage, she regularly has to see Chinese medicine and do acupuncture conditioning, and the doctor reminds her that working long hours will have an impact on her heart sooner or later. After this year's New Year holiday, Ming Hao's situation stabilized, and Aunt Zhuo could have a holiday every Saturday and Sunday, and go to the countryside to relax during the holiday.

Aunt Zhuo has been a caregiver for nearly 10 years, and she believes that taking care of Ming Hao in the past two years has gradually restored him from a quasi-vegetative state to a normal person, which is her greatest achievement.

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Liang's mother said frankly that she would continue to take care of her son as long as Ming Hao had a breath of breath in the future. (Photo by Poon Lok Man)

In addition to physical efforts, caregivers should also continue to encourage patients to face the road of rehabilitation positively, but the caregivers' own unsatisfactory and weak conditions often have to be stored in the deepest part and then found an appropriate time to express them. Liang's mother bluntly said that being a caregiver requires incomparable patience and love, she took feeding Ming Hao drinking water as an example, because he had difficulty swallowing, each spoon could only be fed 2.5 ml, and it took at least more than an hour to feed 10 ml of water, she felt that she had a bad temper and was often very anxious, but when taking care of Ming Hao, she also had to learn to Xi to restrain her temper, "I don't dare to trouble him, I want to smile at him, I want to encourage him", she described taking care of Ming Hao as more difficult than taking care of the baby, "BB will grow and develop normally, it hurts brain cells, it must be born".

The reporter asked how Mrs. Liang expressed her emotions? Mrs. Liang said that when Ming Hao was not discharged from the hospital, she often cried, crying for more than an hour, sometimes sitting alone and crying, sometimes hitchhiking for no reason, crying and crying will relax. Until Ming Hao rehabilitates at home, her son's daily life and diet have made her very busy, so she has no time to cry, but she will listen to music to express her feelings in her spare time, "I always play him with my son, sometimes listen to classical guitar music, Ye Qianwen, beyond, Faye Wong and the songs of the Four Heavenly Kings I like to listen to"; She also likes to take care of potted plants, there are many potted plants in front of the house, and watering and drenching flowers every day is also a kind of sustenance.

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Liang's father, Aunt Zhuo, learned from the scriptures Xi skills of taking care of Ming Hao. (Photo by Deng Bailiang)

In the past two years, Leung's father and Leung's mother have been separated from each other for a long time, Leung's father takes care of his business in Hong Kong, raising living expenses and medical expenses, and Leung's mother and Aunt Zhuo take care of Minghao in Taiwan. After Ming Hao returned to Hong Kong, Aunt Zhuo officially retired, because the Liang family did not hire a caregiver in Hong Kong, in the future, Liang's father and Liang's mother will share the work of caregivers, Liang's father had earlier been to Chiayi, learn from Aunt Zhuo Xi skills of taking care of Ming Hao. Dad Leung also understands the difficulties of caregivers: "I stretch at least five to six times a day, and the rest of the time I go to the doctor for rehabilitation. It's even harder to take care of one person, and you think you're going crazy."

When Ming Hao will fully recover, no one can say for sure, the Liang family is facing an endless war, and parents can only respond calmly with incomparable love, patience and perseverance. Liang's father said that he never gave up, and pointed out that no matter what happens in the future, the whole family will accompany Ming Hao to fall. Leung's mother said that she was more optimistic, hoping that Ming Hao would be able to learn to speak and eat as soon as possible after returning to Hong Kong, at least to express her feelings, she insisted on continuing to take care of Ming Hao after returning to Hong Kong, she said bluntly: "In fact, no one knows whether it is good or not. I tell him that he has a breath to breathe, and I have to take care of him... Because there is no one to replace my mother."

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