Right Way To Wash Hair: Hair is not damaged when washed properly.

Hair Care: Whether the hair is taken care of separately or not, but the hair is washed by all. People have their own ways of washing hair, but these methods can also cause hair damage. Whether the hair is long or short, if it is not washed properly, the hair starts breaking, it can become more lifeless than necessary, it can become white before time or there is also a problem of dandruff on the head. Learn here how hair wash is done to keep hair thick, soft and shiny and what mistakes related to hair washing need to be avoided.

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Hair wash mistakes | Hair Wash Mistakes

Applying excessive shampoo

If shampoo is used excessively on the hair, then there can be many damages to the hair. This can remove the natural oils of the hair, dryness starts appearing on the hair, if the shampoo is not cleaned properly, the stickiness on the hair appears and the shine of the hair can also be lost. The shampoo should be taken in the shape of a coin on the palm.

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Not cleaning the scalp

Many girls who have long hair wash their hair in such a way that the scalp is not cleaned. It is necessary to wash the scalp thoroughly with fingers so that the dirt on the surface of the head is removed.

Using the wrong shampoo

The most important part of hair wash is that the shampoo you are using is according to your hair type. If the shampoo is not according to the hair type, then no matter how well you wash the hair by rubbing or rubbing it, the hair will not be properly cleaned and hair damage will increase.

Washing the head with warm water

In the winter season, the head is often washed with hot water. But, hot water damages the hair follicles. This removes the natural oils of the hair and increases the dryness of the hair. Hair fall also starts increasing after washing the hair with hot water. That is why in winter, the head should be washed with lukewarm water instead of hot water.

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