In this era of reels, today people are ready to do anything in the process of becoming famous. Alam is that now whether it is a bus, metro or railway station, some people are seen making reels everywhere. In these viral videos, sometimes someone is dancing in the moving metro, and sometimes someone is doing ludicrous acts among the public. Their purpose is only one and that is only to gather likes and views. Recently, one such video is in the discussion, in which a girl is seen dancing in a local train.

Watch the video here.

Everyone Vibing 🗿

— Vivek  (@Vivekspeaks_) December 8, 2023

Girl danced in local train

In the latest video, a girl is seen dancing in a local train. During this time, as soon as the girl comes to know that the policeman is standing behind her, at first she starts hesitating a bit, but the next moment she starts dancing coolly. Not only this, the girl herself is dancing, but also forces the person in the police uniform to dance. In the video, both of them can be seen dancing with fun. After watching this video, someone is enjoying it, then someone is expressing anger.

Girl's dance video goes viral

This video has been shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) with @Vivekspeaks_ name account. This 8-second video shared on December 15 has been viewed by 81 thousand people so far, while more than six hundred people have liked the video. Users who have watched the video are making a variety of comments on it. One user wrote, 'Who should stop such people ... Another user wrote, 'Wah police wah!' The third user wrote, 'Poor job will eat this reel wali.'