Headache Causes: These vitamins can cause headaches.

Deficiency Causes Of Headaches: Due to work throughout the day, many times we get very tired, due to which sometimes we have to face the problem of headache. This usually happens when it is caused by not getting enough sleep or not sleeping properly. It is important to take enough sleep to keep the body healthy. Many times due to disturbances in food, one has to go through this problem. But do you know which vitamin deficiency in the body can cause headache problems? If you also have this problem, then the reason may be the lack of these vitamins and minerals.

Deficiency of These Vitamins Causes Headache:

Vitamin B

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

How to Overcome the Deficiency Of These Vitamins:

To remove vitamin B deficiency, you can include these things in your diet.

  • milk
  • curd
  • cottage cheese
  • whey
  • carrot
  • Salmon
  • sweet potato
  • a kind of spinach

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To remove vitamin C deficiency, you can include these things in your diet.

  • orange
  • amla
  • lemon
  • kiwi

To remove vitamin D deficiency, you can take 10 minutes of sun every morning. If you cannot do this then you can include these things in your diet.

  • egg
  • fish
  • orange
  • meat

By including these things in the daily diet, you can not only avoid the problem of headache but also relieve fatigue. Due to the deficiency of these vitamins, the body can be protected from many problems.

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