Tehelka Wife Video: Tehelka's Wife Welcomed Her Husband

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 17: There is an eviction every week in Bigg Boss. Like this week in Bigg Boss 17, Sana Khan has been eliminated from the show. But she is out because of votes. But there is a contestant who was eliminated from the show due to the important rules of Bigg Boss. Yes, we are talking about Tehelka i.e. Sunny Arya, who was recently eliminated from the show due to violence with Abhishek Kumar. At the same time, a video of him has gone viral, in which Tehelka's wife Deepika Arya is seen welcoming him after leaving the show.

In the video shared on Viral Bhayani's Instagram account, Deepika Arya is seen dancing to the song Mere Saiyaan Superstar. While Tehelka i.e. Sunny Arya is seen sitting on the throne looking at him. People are seen reacting to this video.

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One user wrote, how beautiful she is. Another user wrote, wow this is called wife's love. A third user wrote, "Won the war." The fourth user wrote, "If you get a wife, then you get like this." The fifth user wrote, "So much dance on insults."

Let me tell you, Arun Mashetty, Abhishek Kumar and Tehelka i.e. Sunny Arya had an argument a few weeks ago. At the same time, Tehelka was seen pushing and holding the collar, due to which Bigg Boss took strict steps and warned him to remove him from the show.