What things to plan? What clothes and jewelry to wear for good luck in work and love? Which part of the body should you pay special attention to? What number will be lucky? What can't be done categorically? All these questions are answered by the horoscope of the day.

The current lunar day has the following characteristics:

Astrological advice of the day: it will be successful to solve those problems that you will be able to look at from an unusual angle.

Symbol of the day: the wand.

Element of the day: Fire.

Lucky Number of the Day: 9.

The lucky colors of the day are indigo, blue.

The lucky birthstones of the day are malachite, emerald, adular, selenite.

For which part of the body is responsible: legs - shins, feet.

Diseases of the day: possible problems with lymph and blood, fluid metabolism disorders, so it is not recommended to donate blood. Diseases that began on this day are easy to treat, especially if you do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Nutrition of the day: plant foods on this day are better than animal foods, but at the same time, it is advisable to exclude potatoes and citrus fruits from the diet.

Haircut of the day: One of the best days for a haircut.

Magic and mysticism of the day: rituals and ceremonies that use the magical power of water can be performed.

Dreams of the day: Dreams of tonight are often prophetic – they usually tell you which way to move on the path of life.

Taboo of the day: you need to beware of hypothermia - drafts and cold water.

Quote of the day: "Doing what we love fills us with energy, even when we are physically tired." —Ken Robinson