60 live insects removed from woman's eyes.

Eyes can be called the most delicate senses of the body. Where even a slight prick can invite excessive pain and discomfort. The eyes can become ruddy red due to strong wind or even the slightest pricking of something. Imagine what happens when a light pricking can cause this condition of the eyes, in such a situation, if many insects start crawling together in the eyes, then surely every limit of the problem will be crossed. Actually, this heartbreaking case has emerged from China, knowing about which your eyes will also be torn. In fact, not one or two, but more than 60 crawling insects have been removed from the eyes of a woman in China.

Eye worm infection

The shocking case has emerged from Kunming, China, where a team of doctors removed not one or two, but more than 60 live insects from the eyes of a patient during a horrific operation. According to a report in The Mirror, the victim (identity has not been revealed) had itchy eyes. Her problem increased when she saw a parasite worm falling out of her eye after rubbing her eyes with a finger to get relief from itching, seeing which the woman got terrified, after which she was taken to a nearby hospital in Kunming, China.

Live worms out of woman's eyes

During the examination, the doctors were also shocked to see that insects were crawling in the space between his eyes and eyelids. Doctors removed more than 40 live worms from his right eye and more than 10 live worms from his left eye. In total, doctors removed more than 60 parasitic worms from the woman's eye, the Mirror reported.

The doctor said – this is a rare case (Kunming eye infection)

According to the Daily Express US, doctors believe that "the woman was infected with a roundworm of the Filarioidea type, which is spread by fly bites."

How do worms grow in the eyes (live worms shocking video)

The victim believes that she has been infected by dogs or cats, which carry infectious larvae on their bodies. The woman thinks that she must have touched the animals and rubbed her eyes immediately after that. She suspects that touching animals and rubbing eyes with the same hands could have caused the infection. One such old video is available on the internet, in which a crawling worm is shown from the eye of a child.

Watch the video here.

Doctors have repeatedly asked the woman to come back for tests, as there may be infectious larvae left there. The doctors also said that she should wash her hands immediately after touching the pet. Recently, one such surprising case came out from America, when the team of doctors saw a live fly in the intestines of a woman.